About Guy

From assisting on iconic British feature ‘Calendar Girls’ to editing crime drama ‘Tango One’, Guy’s route to the Editor’s chair has encompassed comedy, action, horror, romcom, arthouse and some very poignant documentaries along the way. He’s a creative editor, and will trawl the rushes for unexpected moments to lift the story, and to fulfil his passion for storytelling. With bases in London and Scotland, he is available for work worldwide.

Read Guy’s blog Tales From the Cutting Room Floor. Walter Murch recently described it as "Very good. Very Accurate".


What directors have said:

"I've always felt an editor shouldn't be someone that happens to know how to use Avid (or what have you) but be a creative partner, someone who offers an opinion on performance, pace and has an eye for things you may have missed as a director. This is why I love working with Guy, because he offers all those things and more. If someone can raise the standard of your work, pushing its possibilities, then you should work with that person time and again. That's why I've worked with Guy on five feature films. Dear Reader: You should too."

Sacha Bennett

"It is always a pleasure to work with Guy.  He is erudite and patient and really knows how to dig deep into the material to bring out the best in a scene.  As a writer-director as well as an editor he brings a fine narrative eye to the table, thinking around problems with innovative solutions.  You'll always end up with the best version of your film or show if you heed his thorough and tactfully-delivered advice."

Gavin Boyter

"Guy Ducker is a consummate professional and robustly creative collaborator.   Guy has, in editing six of my artist’s films, and through a fierce intelligence and gentle touch, constructed sharp yet organic edits out of sometimes unruly material.  As a director and writer himself, he has excellent perspectives on story and structure, but ego in proportion, he always presents his ideas with tact.  As an editor with a wealth of experience, he is technically precise, artistically resourceful and simply a pleasure to work with."

Daria Martin